1. Bundle Plans:

Our bundled packages include talk, text, mms and data services at a lower rate than if you purchased these services separately.

2. SIM-Only Plans:

SIM-only plans, which exclude the cost of a new or refurbished device, are typically more affordable than traditional mobile contracts.

3. Pay-As-You-Go:

Our Monthly Rolling plans are like pay-as-you-go, allow customers to pay only for the services they use with the flexibility of not having to enter long-term contracts, providing cost control and potential savings for low- usage customers.

4. Family Plans:

We offer discounted rates for multiple SIMs or family plans, making it more cost-effective for households.

5. Data Discounts:
We offer data-specific discounts or unlimited data options for a reduced price.

6. Promotional Deals:
We often run promotions, such as introductory offers, discounts for switching from another provider, or seasonal sales on our SIMs, Phones and accessories.

7. Loyalty Rewards:
We do have loyalty programmes that provide discounts, free upgrades, or other perks to long-term customers.

8. Student or Senior Discounts:
We offer specialised plans with discounts for students, seniors, or other specific customer groups, such as migrants and tourists.

9. International Calling and Roaming:
We have competitive international calling and roaming rates, which can result in significant savings for frequent travellers. Some of our bundled plans include massive amount of EU roaming data.

10. Refer-a-Friend Programme:
We offer discounts or credits to customers who refer friends or family members to our services.
The specific discounted rates and plans available will depend on our current market offerings. To find the best discounted rates suitable to your specific needs, it's recommended to research and compare plans from All Plans category to see which one best suit your needs and budget.
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