Zoiko Mobile Student Discount Programme

Zoiko Mobile is delighted to introduce a comprehensive student discount programme that not only offers significant Savings on our monthly price plans but also provides a free SIM card to students looking to switch networks within the UK. We recognise the importance of staying connected while managing a tight budget, and we are here to help students make the most of their mobile services, including a hassle-free network switch.

How to Get Your Discount


Choose Your Plan

Browse our range of SIM-only plans and select the one that best suits your needs.


Sign Up with Student Email

Register for a Zoiko Mobile account using your student email address.


Verify Student Status

Fill out the form and submit your student ID or proof of enrollment to confirm your eligibility for the discount.


Receive Promotional Code

After successful registration and verification, we will share a promotional code with you via email or through the registered account.


Get Your Discount

Apply the promotional code during the checkout process to receive a 20% discount on your chosen plan.

Don't Miss Out

Zoiko Mobile is dedicated to helping students stay connected, save money, and make network switching in the UK a seamless process. Join us today to experience affordable, high-quality mobile services while focusing on your studies and social life. Stay connected, stay smart, and stay within your budget with Zoiko Mobile.

Free SIM Card and Network Switching

As part of our student discount programme, you will also receive a free SIM card when you join Zoiko Mobile or switch from another network. Switching networks within the UK is a straightforward process, and you can keep your existing number. By making this switch or joining as a new user, you gain access to our discounted student plans, ensuring flexibility and savings.

Terms & Condition

  • The student discount and free SIM card offer are available exclusively to registered students at recognised UK educational institutions.
  • A valid proof of enrolment or student ID is required for eligibility.
  • The discount is applicable to the specified monthly plans and contract durations as mentioned earlier.
  • The free SIM card is available to students switching networks to Zoiko Mobile, as well as to new customers.
  • Renew your student discount with updated proof of enrolment upon contract expiration.

This offer can be used in conjunction with other promotional offers from Zoiko Mobile.

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