What It Means for You

You might have heard that the UK's mobile networks have decided to stop using 3G service. Zoiko Mobile, which works with the top UK network, is doing the same and aims to finish this change by early 2024. This will make our 4G and 5G networks work better, giving you faster data and better call quality. Zoiko Mobile has already turned off 3G in some places.

So, how will this affect you?

- If you have a basic 2G phone, you don't need to worry. Your phone will keep working as usual.

- If you have a 3G phone and use mobile data, you should upgrade to a 4G or 5G phone to keep using your Zoiko Mobile SIM card. Zoiko Mobile offers certified refurbished mobile phones of grade 'A' quality, or you can buy a SIM-free phone from another shop.

- If you have a 3G phone but don't use mobile data, your phone will still work for calls and texts, using 2G technology.

- If you have a 4G or 5G phone, this change won't affect you. However, it's a good idea to set up 4G calling for clearer calls. This uses your phone's 4G data but won't take away from your data allowance or affect your other data activities.

Setting up 4G calling is straightforward. Simply follow the instructions on our website to enable this feature on your phone.

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