To ensure your ZOIKO SIM works seamlessly when you're abroad, it's crucial to configure your Android phone settings for international roaming. We've created a step-by-step guide with diagrams to help you easily set up your Android phone for roaming. ūüĆć‚úą

Step 1: Access 'Settings'


Open your Android phone's 'Settings' menu, which is typically located among your apps or in your device's system settings.

Step 2: Navigate to 'Mobile Network'

Wireless & Networks

Tap 'More…' under 'Wireless & Networks' or 'Connections.' This will lead you to the network settings.

Step 3: Access 'Mobile Network'

Mobile Network

Open 'Mobile Network' within the network settings. This is where you'll configure your mobile data for international roaming.

Step 4: Open 'Access Point Names'
Access Point Names
Within the 'Mobile Network' settings, locate and open 'Access Point Names' (APN). If you don't have any access points listed, you'll need to create a new one by following the next steps.

Step 5: Create a New Access Point (if necessary)
New Access Point
If there are no existing access points listed, you'll need to create a new one. To do this, select the option to create a new access point and proceed to step number 7.

Step 6: Open 'Zoiko'
Zoiko Access Point
If you have an existing 'Zoiko' access point, open it. If not, proceed to the next step to create a new one.

Step 7: Edit Access Point
Edit Access Point
Within the 'Zoiko' access point, open 'Edit Access Point' to modify the settings.

Step 8: Change the APN to: mob.asm.net
APN Settings
In the 'Edit Access Point' section, change the 'APN' to: mob.asm.net. This setting ensures your data works correctly while roaming with ZOIKO.

Step 9: Save Your Settings
Save the changes to your access point settings.

Step 10: Verify Other Fields
Ensure that other fields contain the correct information. If there's already information in these fields, leave it as it is.

By following these steps and referring to the provided diagrams, you can effortlessly configure your Android phone for international roaming with your ZOIKO SIM, ensuring a seamless experience while travelling abroad.
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